Monday, June 13, 2011

Second Day Hair for Short Hair

I hate having to do my hair everyday! Not only would it take less time to do second day hair, but less manipulation would mean more length retention! When I sleep I crush my hair, and its very hard to get its shape back in the morning unless I douse it with water! It's so hard to find a way to achieve second day hair at my length! So here's what I've been doing:

1. Wet hair until damp (with a spray bottle)
2. Put in as much conditioner as I use to style my hair.
3. Put 2 top sections in loose scrunchies.
4. Put one scrunchie in the back (you can use as many as you'd like)
5. Put on a baggy (Keeping the hair moist allows it to keep its shape for the most part!).
6. Put on my satin scarf,
7. In the morning take down the sections and spray my hair with some spray gel (I'm currently using Tresemme Curl Spray Gel.)
8. Smooth any frizzy sections there may be with fingers.
9. Style your hair.

I got the idea from demipixie's youtube channel, but I made a few modifications. I tried it dry but it was too frizzy and held the shape of the pineapples, so I did it damp with the baggy and it came out so much better!

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