Monday, June 13, 2011

The Most Comfortable Wedges Ever!

Oh my gosh! I bought a pair of Sonoma Life + Style wedge espadrilles from kohls, and they are SO freaking comfortable! I bought them to replace a pair of espadrille wedges I bought from Old Navy that didn't have enough support to properly stay on my feet. These look very similar to the old navy ones, except that it has a a strap that keeps them on. The other ones were slip on, and it just wasn't enough support! Well they are so comfortable, and they actually stay on my feet! I can wear them anywhere, even with my toddler in tow! They come in black, brown, natural, and a blue floral print. And I also have a pair of wedge flip flops, and they are also very cute and comfortable! And not to mention affordable! This may have to be my new go to brand for heels! Sorry there isn't a picture of them, the Kohls site wouldn't let me save the picture. Maybe I'll post a pic of me in them later!

Heres the link:

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