Monday, June 13, 2011

8 Tips for Buying Comfortable Heels

Up until recently I rarely wore heels although I love them! My feet are fairly flat, and I couldn't seem to find heels that were comfortable. But then I did some research to figure out what kinds of heels are the most comfortable, and ever since I have not had a problem!

Here are a few tips to finding a comfortable pair of heels:

1. Go for a rounded toe rather than a pointed toe. Pointed toe makes your toes smush together in an unnatural way that can be uncomfortable

2. Pick a chunkier heel or wedges over a stileoto heel. Stilettos force you to support your weight on heels that are the size of a pencil. A chunkier heel gives you better support, thus making it more comfortable. Wedges are the most comfortable type of heels.

3. Make sure that you have at least 1/2 in of extra room in the toe box. Feet swell as the day goes on, so you want to make sure there is extra room in case that happens. Also, shop for shoes in the evening, when feet tend to swell.

4. Choose a heel of 3in or less for daytime, and 4-5 inches for special ocassions ONLY. A height of 3in is about the maximum you can wear comfortably, especially if you will be on your feet all day.

5. If you would like to wear a heel of 4-5 inches during the day, then opt for a shoe that has a 1-2 inch platform. This gives the illusion of you wearing higher heels, but without the pain.

6. Learn how to walk in heels if you don't already know how. When you step, your heel should go down first, then the front of your foot. This way looks most natural, and evenly distributes your body weight, meaning less pain.

7. Break in your heels! I like to walk around the house in them for a day. This also helps to find out if they'll be uncomfortable over time, which will give you time to return them if that happens. When you buy heels they should already be comfortable in the store, so dont buy heels that are uncomfortable thinking that over time they'll get better. Trust me they won't!

8. If all else fails, opt for gel insoles for your shoes. Sometimes the problem is that you need more arch support, which can help your weight disribute better, which will help with the pain. The ball of foot gels also work good as well. I LOVE the Dr. Scholls for her line. They have a gel for the whole foot including the heel, the ball of foot, AND arch support all in one! And they are thin enough to fit in even open toed shoes!

After applying all of these tips, I am able to wear heels pretty comfortably during the day. I hope these tips help! :)

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