Monday, June 13, 2011

Getting the Stink Face

I try not to let it bother me, but every time I go out together with my family I get the stink face from a lot of women. Most of the time it's Hispanic women around my age giving me the stink eye. I know it's because they see a girl who appears to be mixed, and who is married and has a child with a Mexican man. It kind of irritates me because these people are ignorant. If they knew me without making assumptions, they would learn I'm Hispanic just like them! But even without them knowing that, it is completely wrong of them to give the stink face to someone just because they are with a man of a different race.

And when the Hispanic girls aren't giving me the stink face, I get a lot of African American girls giving me the stink face too. I don't know if it's because I appear to be mixed (from my experience, African American women don't seem to like mixed women), I have an Afro, or that I'm with a Mexican man, or just all of the above!

I also get a lot of other natural women who give me the stink face, it's the kind of face like "why is she jocking my style?". But little do they know is that I have been natural pretty much all of my life, so if anyone is "jocking" someone's style, THEY are probably "jocking" MINE! But I would think that instead of giving me the stink face, we could admire each other's hair and swap suggestions.

Ignorant people are just a very big pet peeve of mine! I really don't go around judging people, or "hating" on people, so that's something that really bugs me. I guess I can never win, but that's just life!

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