Monday, June 13, 2011

Baggying to Retain Moisture

Most of you have probably never heard about baggying. Baggying is a technique that helps to retain moisture if you have chronically dry hair. It's best to baggy overnight to keep the hair moist. Some baggy their whole head, and some with longer hair baggy just their ends.

All you do is moisturize your hair with water and/or a little conditioner, and put a plastic baggy over your hair/ends, put on your satin bonnet, and go to sleep! To secure the baggy on your ends most put their hair in a loose ponytail, and put the baggy over the ponytail, and then put a rubber band around the baggy to secure it. In the morning your hair will be moisturized and ready to style, no rinsing required!

But be cautious not to over do it with the baggying! I have heard of ladies who keep their baggies on for like a week, and just put a wig or a phoney pony over it. To me that is just not sanitary and I would think their hair would grow mildew. In my opinion a baggy should not be left on more than 24 hrs!

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