Monday, June 13, 2011

5 Benefits of Synthetic Ponytails

So I can finally fit my hair in a ponytail! Woohoo! There are still a few pieces that are somewhat too short, but the job still gets done! I've been waiting for this moment I will have a lot more styling options! Now that I can do a ponytail, I've been experimenting with synthetic ponytails (aka. phony pony's). So I'll be switching between my natural hair, synthetic ponytails and buns, and synthetic wigs. I probably won't wear my real hair in a ponytail until it grows longer because my ponytail is only like 2 in., so it doesn't look too good to me.  I will try to post some pics soon! Here are 5 benefits of wearing synthetic ponytails (or buns!):

1. It's quick- I love the fact that a synthetic ponytail is a very quick hairstyle. It's something I'd do if I was in a rush and still wanted to look cute.

2. It's Cute- I love the style of synthetic ponytails! They are actually very cute!

3. It's a protective Style- Your hair is put into a bun when you wear your phony pony, so your real hair isn't manipulated as much. That means that it can help you retain length.

4. It's great for a change up- When you get bored of your hair it's a quick, easy style you can do for a change.

5. It's great for growing out hair- If you are like me and have a stubby ponytail this style is a great alternative while you grow your hair out.


1. Make sure to buy ponytails that are similar to your texture and as close to your natural hair color as possible! It looks sloppy when the colors/textures do not mix. It wouldn't look right if I got a bone straight ponytail, while my hair clearly has a lot more texture than that.

2. Make sure to take care of YOUR hair underneath the ponytail. I think a lot of people neglect their real hair when they wear synthetic hair. Make sure you keep your hair moisturized!

3. Do not overdo it with this style! I think doing this style a few times a week is fine, but any more than that is excessive. I say this because not only will the combs cause friction, but tying up the hair in the exact same spot will cause tension and breakage. If you have thin hair then I suggest that you are very cautious with this hairstyle! If you absolutely have to do it more than a few times a week then I'd suggest not putting the ponytail in the same spot every single day. For example, wear a high ponytail for a few days and then switch to a low ponytail for a few days...ect.

I hope this post helps you understand the benefits of synthetic ponytails! :)

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