Monday, June 13, 2011

Compliments From Unexpected People

Lately I have been getting compliments from people I would have never expected to compliment my hair. The other day an elderly Caucasian woman was raving about how pretty my hair was. I was shocked! Here we have a lady who probably once had long silky hair, complementing my tightly curled, course hair. I also didn't see it coming because I seem to be cautious of older Caucasians because SOME of them seem to be racist. I'm not saving ALL, but I have had some pretty bad experiences in the past. But anyways, this made my day! Knowing that my type of hair can be considered beautiful from all different kinds of races. I also caught a typical looking Hispanic guy checking me out. That was also surprising because most Hispanic men go for Hispanic girls who have long flowing hair. And yes I know I'm married, and I wasn't attracted to the guy, but it's still a major ego booster when you get checked out! Come on now, we all love to get checked out! :)

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