Monday, June 13, 2011

The Best Drugstore Hairdye

Dying natural hair can give it more personality, and bring out your skin tone. I love Revlon Colorsilk haircolor! While it is not exactly CG, it is the only PERMANENT drugstore dye that does not contain damaging Ammonia! It does have sulfates and silicones in it, but its way better than having ammonia! And sulfates and silicones are ok every once and a while! Plus the color actually does make your hair feel softer! I haven't colored my hair since the big chop, I am waiting to get to my goal length, but when I do decide to it will be with colorsilk! I never noticed any damage before when I used to use it! And my mom uses it to cover her gray hairs, and it does a pretty good job! So for those of you that are looking for a good drugstore color, I'd go with Colorsilk!


I have learned after dying my hair, that I am severely allergic to the main chemical in permanent hair dyes, PPD (paraphenylenediamine). 24 hrs after dying my hair, my entire face swole up double it's size. After getting a patch test done with an allergist, I learned that I am severely allergic, and can never use permanent dyes ever again. And I never will, because it is not worth my health. Each subsequent applications results in worsening reactions, and anaphylactic shock can result. I may also have cross-reactions with other substances, like those found in dental anesthetics, certain anti-biotics, and a chemical found in some sunscreens. If you decide to use this or ANY other permanent hair dye, PLEASE perform the patch test in the instructions. IF you get any kind of redness, itchiness, swelling, or any other indication of an allergic reaction do not proceed. But I recommend that you try a hair color with less PPD in it to lessen the chances of becoming allergic, such as herbtint or tints of nature, which can be found online or at health food stores. Also, another alternative would be semi-permanent dyes with the chemical TDS (toluene-2,5-diaminesulphate), which carries less of a chance of becoming allergic, or to be completely safe, you can try henna, or henna combinations such as henna and indigo for brunnette or black results. But please only use 100% body art quality henna (can be found at, as many of them that are pre-mixed contain things that can harm your hair and have bad interactions with chemical dyes, such as metallic salts.

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