Sunday, June 12, 2011

6 Benefits of Wigs

I used to be the kind of person that shuddered at the thought of wearing a wig or any other kind of extensions. I guess you can say I was stuck up about it. My family never wore wigs or weaves, so I never really knew much about them. And I always had long hair, so I felt that they were unnecessary for me.  I also didn't like how a lot of them looked stiff and unnatural. But then a few weeks ago for some random reason I thought I might do some research on them. I then read about lace front wigs, which are supposed to look more natural at the hairline.  I also came across muffinismylovers's youtube channel. This girl is amazing with her wigs! After watching her I immediately ordered my first lace front!

My 1st Lace Front Wig

 Here are the benefits of lace front wigs:

1. They are a protective style- You can do twists, braids, bantu knots...ect, and wear them under your wigs. That is a major plus for me because I hate to wear twists or braids out in public, and twistouts/braidouts don't really work well for my length yet.

2. They are quick- All you have to do is take the time to do your protective style (most take 30-45 min), and then put on the wig and style. This is a major plus for me when I want a quick new hairstyle. Even when my hair was long I never took the time to rollerset my hair or anything because it just took 2-3 hours to do. But with a wig I can have great looking hair quickly!

3. They are Versatile- Even though I don't like to take the time or spend the money to do much with my hair, I get bored of it quickly!! Its great to be able to quickly change your hairstyle or hair color when you get bored of it! You can wear a subtle wig to work, and then throw on a trendier wig for a night out with the girls!

4. It's cheaper than getting your hair done- I ordered my wigs for $35, and from what I read they last about a month of daily wear. To go to the salon twice a month would cost $200+ (at least for what my length was). That is a hugesavings!

5. No damage to your hair if worn properly- Wigs are great because if you have natural hair and you feel like wearing it straight, you can easily get a straight look without having to put heat on your own hair, potentially damaging it. Plus I'm known to straighten my hair, and then get bored with it and wash it out 2 days later. I have also heard that the combs in the wigs can damage your hairline, so many people use bobbypins to hold them in place. And please do not use the glues or tapes, it can damage your hairline as well!

6. No commitment- Lace front wigs are also helpful to test out different colors or styles before you commit to that style or color on your own hair. Or if you have long hair but love the short look, you can rock a wig in that style without having to commit to chopping all your hair off.
I hope this post was helpful to you. Other extensions that qualify as a good protective style would be a sew in, or clip in extensions (maybe if a rollerset is done first). Even though I have never gotten extensions, I'd advise against braid extensions or "quick-weave". Every time I see girls with those braid extensions I see bald patches on their temples. And I do not like the idea of glue on my scalp and my hair. Sew-ins would be ideal for someone who wants to have their extensions for a couple of months at a time. And the clip-in extensions might be ideal for someone who'd like to just wear them for a week or two. But for someone like me who would only want to wear extensions for a very short period of time, wigs are beneficial!

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